Join our Primary Authority scheme & get peace of mind

exclusive to OATA membersOATA’s Primary Authority scheme is designed to help for retailers to get their annual pet shop licence and deal with health & safety issues.

We’ve joined forces with the City of London Corporation to form a Primary Authority partnership over pet shop licensing and health & safety visits.

This scheme is exclusive to OATA members and is free to join. It could protect you from unreasonable licensing conditions and shows that you take animal welfare seriously by signing up to high standards. You do still pay your inspection fee to your local authority for the licence.

What’s involved?

By joining our Primary Authority schemes your local council still inspects your shop and gives you the licence. But they have to follow the inspection plan we’ve agreed with the City of London Corporation (you can see a summary of that here). That means your local authority shouldn’t be able to come up with strange and outlandish conditions. If they do, tell us and we’ll ask the City of London Corporation to give us ‘assured advice’ which you can then take to your local authority to follow. Unless there’s a very good explanation for the additional conditions, they should be dropped.

Pet shop licences are there to demonstrate animal welfare. By signing up, you can show to your customers that you’re following high standards for animal welfare and you’ve volunteered to do this by entering this scheme. Can other establishments in your area say the same?

Four reasons to sign up:

  1. You know exactly what to expect – you can see the inspection plan that your local authority will use (based on the Model Licensing Conditions for Pet Vending 2013 from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health). See a summary of the plan here.
  2. No more outlandish conditions – OATA will fight any unreasonable conditions put on members of the scheme following the best advice from the City of London Corporation.
  3. Show you’re the best – it’s a great marketing tool to show your customers you abide by high standards for animal welfare for pet shops.
  4. No charge – if you’re an OATA member you can sign up to this scheme for free, although you will still pay your local authority’s normal fees for an inspection visit. You must also have signed up to our Code of Conduct.

Who would benefit?

  1. Retailers with more than one shop in different authority areas
  2. If you’ve ever had strange and unreasonable conditions put on your licence in the past
  3. If you want to show your customers that you work to high animal welfare conditions in comparison to your competitors

Want to know more?

Check out our frequently asked questions section.

You can also watch the Better Regulation Delivery Office’s video about Primary Authority schemes and the benefits they can bring to businesses.

Want to sign up?

OATA Members fill in the form at the link below – it’s that simple:

Primary Authority Joining Form