Home Aquarium Fish Sub-Group

OATA is very pleased to be sitting on the steering group of this group formed by the Freshwater Fish Specialist Group of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

This group brings together representatives of the home aquarium trade, NGOs and public aquaria and zoos to:

  • identify, validate, and promote the conservation and wise management of wild populations of tropical fishes that are part of the home aquarium trade, as well as the ecosystems where they are found
  • support sustainable, socioeconomic, and environmental benefits for home aquarium fishing communities, especially living in regions of biological importance
  • develop and implement solutions that result in the most robust market for home aquarium fish that result in environmental protectionism, poverty alleviation, and climate stability

The group met for the first time at Aquarama 2015. Read the report on this meeting here.

The group is now working on a first draft White Paper describing examples of where the home aquarium fish trade currently results in environmental and/or socioeconomic benefit; where through attainable adaptation it could result in benefit; and where there is the urgent need for environmental stewardship or livelihoods that could be attained from the aquarium trade.

You can find more information about the Home Aquarium Fish Sub-Group here.