Fish Keeper

Keeping tropical fish is a great hobby! You’ll discover whole new worlds, learn new skills in chemistry and spend hours just watching the results – a great way to de-stress at the end of a busy day.

We encourage all fish-keepers to do their homework before buying an aquarium. Keeping pet fish is just like keeping any other pet – you have certain responsibilities to keep those animals well. But we think once you’ve set up one tank – you’ll be hooked!

Why not look out for companies and shops that are members of OATA? By buying from OATA members you’ll be supporting traders who have signed up to our Code of Conduct which shows they work to high animal health and welfare standards. As members of OATA they are also showing their support for the work we do protecting and promoting the tropical fish industry, which means you can enjoy keeping fish into the future!

You can easily identify an OATA retailer by looking for our logo when you shop, or alternatively search for members here.

An example of the retailer’s door sticker to look out for.