Code of Conduct & Water Quality

Code of Conduct

All OATA members adhere to our Code of Conduct which contains specific guidelines such as those on water quality, livestock care, biosecurity, transportation, fish stocking densities and animal medicines, with the ultimate aim of ensuring that the welfare of livestock and reputation of the industry is upheld.

OATA members can also display our Customer Charter to show their customers what they can expect.

OATA members are also sent a door sticker each year to display their membership and those who are part of our Primary Authority scheme have a sticker that reflects this. Signing up to this scheme shows that the shop is following high welfare standards. They also benefit from ‘assured advice’ and the latest pieces of advice can be found here (only available to OATA members).

Water Quality

Water quality is paramount to the health and welfare of aquatic livestock.

OATA has produced a dedicated Water Quality Criteria – (pdf) document which provides a list of parameters for maintaining good water quality and fish welfare and forms part of our Code of Conduct.

The Water Quality Criteria has also been incorporated in the Local Government Association (LGA) standard pet shop licence conditions.  Subsequently, we have had numerous reports of Environmental Health Officers (EHO) actively enforcing these criteria.