Established by OATA, ProPets comprises of key pet membership organisations to provide a strong united voice to promote responsible pet ownership.

ProPets encourages its members to:

  • Promote the responsible sale and care of pets.
  • Provide guidelines to the public on how to identify a good pet shop.
  • Highlight the pet industry as a source of free expert practical advice on the care and welfare of pet animals – especially to local authority officers involved in pet shop licensing.
  • Promote positive attitudes to pet keeping, pet keepers and the pet industry by providing high quality information to politicians and opinion formers on the key role these activities play in the social, cultural and economic fabric of the country.
  • Facilitate co-operation between all like-minded groups within pet keeping.

Download the leaflet it produced in 2015 to send out before the UK election. This version has full references.

This is its 2015 five point call to action also sent to MPs before the 2015 election calling on political parties to recognise the benefit that pets bring to UK society in their manifestos.