OATA has produced a range of informative documents and statements regarding conservation issues which are available for you to download here.

  • Pet Fish Belong – (pdf): A poster highlighting the requirement for pet fish to remain within the closed environment of a pond or aquarium.
  • OATA fish bags – (pdf): OATA has arranged for the manufacture and distribution of fish bags carrying specific welfare information, such as not to release pet fish into the wild.  These are available to purchase direct from the manufacturer Plasmech Packaging Ltd.  Or available through wholesalers.
  • Keep Your Pond Plants in the Garden – (Pdf): Produced in association with the Environment Agency, this is a dedicated and informative poster for pond owners reminding them of the need to safely dispose of aquatic plants and not to contaminate British waterways.
  • Distinguishing Hydrocotyles – (pdf): A guide to aid identification of H.ranunculoides and H.vulgaris.