What we do

OATA provides colleges with a comprehensive and up-to-date library of information and offers reduced prices on our targeted training packages that will enhance the level of education in the aquatic sciences

What it will cost you

Colleges can join from as little as £2.38 per week.

Why join?

  • Get the latest information on legislation and statistics  impacting upon all aspects of the aquatic trade.
  • Be the first to obtain knowledge on current animal health issues and diseases.
  • Enhance your expertise and knowledge through OATA’s dedicated training packages.
  • Be respected in the industry.
  • Full access to all categories in the OATA membership directory.
  • Be recognised as an organisation that supports the aquatic industry; the welfare standards promoted in our Code of Conduct; and the future of the ornamental aquatic trades.


Membership is only open to United Kingdom based Colleges.

By Post:

Download our application form here and make your voice heard. For more information our Membership Leaflet can be downloaded here.