About Us

OATA was established in 1991 to promote and protect the ornamental aquatic industry, encompassing coldwater, tropical freshwater and marine tropical fish and invertebrates together with aquatic plants for the aquarium or pond.  We currently have more than 800 UK members from the import, distributor, manufacturer and retail sectors.

Our objective is to protect and promote the interests of all those engaged in the ornamental aquatic trade. Our aim is to enhance the reputation of the trade by promoting the benefits derived from it, setting high standards, providing good education and training, and encouraging responsible ownership and enjoyment amongst fish keepers.

To ensure uniform standards of welfare are met, all members sign and agree to abide by the OATA Code of Conduct.

Read more about our work in our 2016 ‘What we do’ plan here.

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Meet the team

OATA is made up of of a Board of Directors with an elected Chair, supported by Chief Executive Dominic Whitmee, Assistant Chief Executive Dr Tracey King, Marketing and PR Executive Pauline Davey and Office Manager Ray Valovec.

Dominic WhitmeeDominic Whitmee
Chief Executive

Dr Tracey KingDr Tracey King
Assistant Chief Executive

Pauline Davey
Marketing and PR Executive

Ray Valovec
Office Manager